Let’s take an adventure many dare not take…

You have nothing to lose but your inhibitions, my dear one…

Welcome, I’m Scarlet Lovella. I’m a kink Dominant, Certified Sexuality Educator, multidisciplinary artist and performer. I look forward to expanding your kinky sensual horizons…

Let’s explore the unconventional, the taboo, the things you’re shy to admit, but remain potent in your fantasies.

I want to know you deeply.

Did you know that your inner world is a treasure? It’s a tapestry of hopes and desires woven with your life experiences.

Every nuanced utterance of your spirit speaks your truth. I want to hear your truth…and I want you to listen to it too.

My Philosophy & Motivation

My mission is to connect with you authentically while guiding you through the beautiful landscape of our compatible kinks, deeply enjoying our time together and helping you understand yourself more deeply.

I believe that knowledge of your true sensual self empowers you. I believe that sensual play can have an important place in self-discovery, self-care and healing.

I want a better world with more mutually respectful, communicative, caring and non-judgmental relationships. Do you want this too? I hope you do.

My Background

My practice is deeply informed by my experience, education and training, which are diverse. My background includes:

    • Certified Sexuality Educator trained at SFSI/San Francisco Sex Information

    • BDSM Dominant for over a decade (aka Dominatrix), trained both professionally and lifestyle

    • B.A. degree in the arts with a special focus on sexuality, gender and Latin American studies

    • Multidisciplinary artist and performer. My experience is broad, but includes photography, theatre, burlesque & more
    • I identify as pansexual, queer and fluidly femme
    • Well-versed in and welcoming of a variety of relationship styles, including polyamory, monogamy and open relationships. I will support you in whatever works best for you.

    • I grew up in a religiously conservative environment, though I left that lifestyle decades ago. If you have a similar background, I will approach you with compassion.


My approach is inclusive and I welcome adults of any ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, body size, disability and ability. Individuals, couples and polyamorous partners are welcome to contact me. I am LGBTIQ+ affirming and very welcoming to crossdressers.

My Goal for You

You’re invited to explore the fullness of who you truly are. I’ll give you encouragement to voice your desires and your boundaries out loud. You might feel serious in session, you might laugh, you might cry…or perhaps all three.

I want to see your desires, vulnerabilities, fears and joys…and I want you to see and feel them too.

It’s time for your new adventure.

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