The Psychosexual, Corporeal & Divine

Connections can be intense, playful, cathartic, transcendent, mystical, lighthearted…and sometimes, all of these combined. Whatever path we take, my aim is to connect with you authentically, guiding you through the beautiful landscape of your inner world and your shadow side.

I’m going to enjoy you too! Sharing compatible kinks is a beautiful experience for me. Though I am commanding and strict when necessary, I can also be warm and nurturing.

Seeing you blossom and grow into your best self are two of my main goals for you. I’m going to help you awaken fantasies and feelings that may lay dormant within you; shyness, shame, stigmas or even just the mundane responsibilities of life may prohibit you from exploring to your heart’s content. If you open yourself up to me with respect and reverence for the process, you’ll be rewarded with a deeply enriching experience.

Importantly, mutual consent is paramount. I am a R.A.C.K. practitioner. We will discuss desires, boundaries and your history beforehand.


Below are some themes in which I specialize. I’m very fond of many types of play – such as bondage, sensory deprivation/overload, SPH, sploshing and more – however instead of following a long arbitrary checklist, my focus is firstly on the connection we’ll share.

Role Play

Would you like a break from your day-to-day existence? A relief from everyday responsibilities, a chance to play out an alter ego you might ordinarily keep hidden, an opportunity to open up to an otherwise impractical scenario…all of these things are possible.

Role play is one of my very favorite activities. I want to show you a whole new world of possibility that exists when you let go of your fear and jump into the deep with me. Be forewarned: I am highly creative and I’ll fashion a titillating world of make believe just for us.

Some of my favorite role play archetypes include: Cuckoldress, Kinky Mommy, Femme Daddy, Teacher, Bitchy Boss, Demanding Wife/Girlfriend, Doctor, Interrogator

Feminization & Gender Play

*I engage in gender play in a sensually celebratory way, but not as degradation. I have an entire site dedicated to femme boudoir photography & makeovers HERE.

Are you ready to get in touch with your femme side? Exploring beautiful accoutrements and sensuality, combined with your kinks, can take your femme experience to a whole new level. I want you to explore this part of yourself to the fullest.

Your femme self is whispering to you every day, I know. The textures, the scents, the colors and the experiences call to you – don’t deny them. Everything that says it’s wrong is an illusion; it’s not wrong, but it is very right.

Indulge your femininity and trust the calling, my lovely.

*Note: if you’d like to explore masculine gender play (or both!), that is also welcome.

Chastity & O Control

Chastity training & orgasm control are two of my favorite ways to implement discipline on the human body. The ways of the flesh can be so misleading and one may benefit from a strict regimen of tease, edging and encagement.

Does your libido constantly beg for your attention? Does it get in the way of your productivity? If this feels true for you, handing over the keys to your pleasure may be the ultimate solution. There’s no sense in staying in an unfocused state when you know you could be accomplishing so much more in your life!

There’s a reason why adults have practiced pleasure control since antiquity…

Bisexual & Gay Exploration

Are you craving something new and exciting? I encourage bisexual & gay fantasies openly and wholeheartedly! Having me as your guide means having a queer pansexual person lead the way. Whether you’ve only ever lived as straight, or you’ve explored extensively, we’re going to deeply and thoroughly explore this aspect of your desires.

This is not a kink to me, but I know it is to some people. Regardless, you’ll have room to confide your deepest desires to me and rest assured…I’m going to coach you into living out your fantasies to the fullest.

Domestic Play & Discipline

Keeping you in line while being under my nurturing care is one of my most natural types of play. Bringing you down a few notches, re-shaping you and re-training you into a more acceptable and pleasing individual is one of my greatest gifts. You should consider yourself truly blessed if you receive such attention.

Kinky discipline in the home is foundational to a happy kinky life. Without it, chaos and floundering may occur. With it, you’ll reach your true potential while feeling both the strictness and warmth of my nurturance.

In domestic play I enjoy a wide range of play partners – from adult littles to ABDL to cuckolds in need of an FLR. You’ll find your happy place resting safely at my feet, over my knee or at my voluptuous cleavage.

Service & Protocol Training

Two aspects of D/s dynamics that I consider foundational are genuine service & kink protocol. With proper training and execution of each aspect, a kinky submissive can blossom.

Consider kink protocol a heightened version of etiquette; honorifics and politeness are just the beginning. In regards to service, keep in mind that I take special notice of genuinely helpful service done from the heart. A submissive who is truly useful in their service and who invests in understanding my desires and boundaries…well that is a submissive whom I cherish.

Fetish Play

Do you remember your first time? Do you remember how your fetish made you feel, even before you really knew what was happening? I bet you do. I bet you remember every aching detail and that you still feel the thrill even after all these years…

To know a fetishist is to know a person of passion, I often say. And I adore passionate people.

I particularly love having my feet and high heels worshipped, showing off my silky nylon stockings and applying my lipstick oh so carefully while you watch. What is your secret devotion? I have a feeling we’ll have plenty to explore.

Whisper your secret or say it loudly. I want to know every little bit about your fetishes.

Some of my favorite fetish play includes: stockings, pantyhose, foot worship, lingerie, high heels and stilettos, lipstick, gloves and more.

After Care

Kinky exploration can be intense, revealing and sometimes very cathartic. If you’d like some support or nurturing care following our play, I am happy to offer this to you.


No switching, hardsports, roman, smoking, race play, extreme verbal abuse, wrestling or refusing a safeword. No sessions with anyone intoxicated, no underage participants, no non-consenting participants and no (non-human) animals. I do not offer fully nude webcam sessions. I do not offer illegal services, so do not ask. Last, but certainly not least, attempting to push or change my boundaries is not tolerated.

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